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Cold Mix Plant Exporter

Mewad Equipment is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Cold Mix Plant in india. cold mix plant is an industrial facility used in the production of asphalt mixtures. Unlike traditional hot mix asphalt plants that heat the aggregate and asphalt binder to high temperatures before mixing, cold mix plants create asphalt mixtures at lower temperatures, typically at or near ambient temperature. To offer consistent and outstanding asphalt mixtures, our plants are built with expertise and subjected to severe quality checks.

Cold Mix Plant Manufacturer from India

Mewad Equipment is a pioneering force in the realm of asphalt production technology in India. We specialize in the manufacturing and supply of cold mix plants that redefine efficiency,sustainability, and quality in the asphalt industry. Cold mix plants make asphalt mixtures from aggregates, bitumen emulsion, and sometimes other additives that can be used for pothole repair, patching, road maintenance, and building under cooler circumstances. Cold mix plants' lower production temperatures provide various advantages, including lower energy usage, lower emissions, and the capacity to work in less favorable weather circumstances.